Trade Concierger™

Petersen International Consulting Services ( PICS ) claim to fame is our full-service import and export management service, known as Trade Conceiger™.

This service includes all six of our sub-services, plus annual metric reviews.
Discover more about our service modules below.

Market Analysis Prospecting™ (MAP™)

Before you go somewhere, you need to identify where you are going. Petersen International Consulting Services’ MAP™ helps provide your business with an overview of what opportunities are the best fit for your needs.

We accomplish this by helping you identify the most favorable markets for your products based upon the following market research fundamental:

Market Analysis of Global Demand for your product
Analysis of your product competition domestically and internationally
Prospecting your product amongst current foreign market trends

Global Placement Strategy ™ ( GPS™)

You know where you are going and how you are going to get their, but, what if there is an easier way. Petersen International Consulting Services’  will identify multiple routes, which have been traveled successfully in order to improve your domestic distribution channels.

Not every company will desire, nor be required to form a Joint Venture Partnership. However, during the TOUR™, there are some cases in which larger manufacturers using the same raw materials are identified as potential distribution partners. It is often times the best way for a budget-restricted company to go global while saving capital, effort, time, and other resources.

Our GPS™ is designed to research joint venture opportunities in order to create relevant import and export strategies which could augment your company’s overall global strategy.  To accomplish this Petersen International Consulting Services will:

Gather a comprehensive list of non-competitive, vertically aligned manufactures.
Prepare culturally-sensitive letters of interest to engage with potential joint venture partners.
Strategize terms and conditions to provide your company with in easy exit strategy.

Strategic Trade Alignment Resourcing™ (STAR™)

You have your MAP™ and you have outlined the TOUR™, but before you go anywhere, must look at where you are starting from to figure out where you need to go to get there. Petersen International Consulting Services’ STAR™ will research and identify what channels are available to help you go from “You Are Here” to “You Are There”.

We accomplish this by conducting research on the countries idenitified during the TOUR™ and then identifying the best logistical distribution points for each. Typically these points are:

Sales Representatives from within the states
Trade Insiders from within the foreign country
All-service Distribution Hubs
Representation via Joint Venture Partnerships

Targeted Opportunities Under-review Rate™ (TOUR™)

Identifying favorable global market entry opportunities only get you so far, Petersen International Consulting Services’ TOUR™ helps you assess and prioritize the opportunities on your MAP™.

We accomplish this by assessing and prioritizing the best fit for your business into 5 distinct markets based on the following indicators:

Target audience assessment versus business environment
Opportunities available within the economic and political landscape
Understanding the corporate culture of your organization and aligning entry points
Rating each countries ease of access.

DIY Worldwide

Once your organization is rolling full-stream ahead, you might wish to hire, or promote from within an internal Foreign Trade Manager. Petersen International Consulting Services offers an excellent, 8 week, in-house training and development program designed to guide your employee(s) through the adminstrative management of our global venture.

Trade Concierge™

Petersen International Consultant Services (PICS) will leverage its expertise and service offerings of MAP™, TOUR™, STAR™,GPS™, Global Marketing and DIY Worldwide™ to help your company maximize its penetration of foreign markets.

In addition, PICS will follow-up with an annual metrics review to determine which areas could be adjusted to improve long-term performance. In rare cases, we will need to obtain a ruling on import and export licensure. Part of our process includes the following processes:

Timely analysis and follow-up of all international correspondence and leads.
Review complete foreign quotations to ensure the appropriate Incoterms are addressed.
Accurately identify tariff and fee schedules with the appropiate Harmonized Codes.
Determine and implement the solication of relevant export / import assistance programs.
Ensure lowest possible tariffs on North American transactions via attainment of NAFTA Certification.

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